September 24, 2011


If you have not seen Ellora caves already, you must go there! though i read in history books about the carving out of a mountain to build temples and monasteries, it is really visual splendour. Seems, it took 10 generations (200 years) for some families to complete these architectural marvel. Buddhist monks found this serene place, some 60-70 km away from Aurangabad, to set up base. and when they decided so, they chiseled this mountain out. they were followed by Jain monks and Shaivites to make these mountains their home.
I was really flummoxed by a particular Buddhist cave. they built in such a way that, you chant something and it is amplified by some 200 times. Unbelievable knowledge of acoustics at work.

I imagined monks belonging to those bygone centuries walking around me, discussing Tripitakas. I suspected air there carried remnants of their sincere love for mankind!

జిస్ దేశ్ మే గంగా బెహతీ హై ....

పాకిస్తాన్ రేడియోలో భారత దేశభక్తి గీతం నేను చూసిన మొట్టమొదటి రాజ్ కపూర్ సినిమాలో పాట. ఏ దేశంలో అయితే నాలుకలపై నిజంమాత్రమే వున్నదో, ఏ...