August 15, 2012

Valley of the blind

year after year, we see the same tamasha. The prime minister speaks from the Red Ford, the Chief Ministers in State headquarters on development, eradication of poverty, law and order and more interestingly faster reforms.
knowing fully well that, reforms are the reason for the state of affairs, they argue more and more in favour of reforms.
This reminds us of Jack London's Valley of the Blind! You really don't know, whether they are blind or you are. because, we don't seem to be agitated over what is happening.

జిస్ దేశ్ మే గంగా బెహతీ హై ....

పాకిస్తాన్ రేడియోలో భారత దేశభక్తి గీతం నేను చూసిన మొట్టమొదటి రాజ్ కపూర్ సినిమాలో పాట. ఏ దేశంలో అయితే నాలుకలపై నిజంమాత్రమే వున్నదో, ఏ...