September 16, 2015

A start-up's dilemma

To do or not do, to say or not to say, to be or not to be -- Dilemmas a young person faces are many. It's no different for a start-up.
Ideas sound good at the ideation stage. Not many would agree if someone says that there's something like this already. Or, they wouldn't easily agree if someone says it might not work or that they might have to wait for a long period to see traction.
Here's where the help from mentors would help.
Here's a dilemma of a different kind -- a start-up doesn't want the reporter to be quoted on the size of the deal. For, Non-Disclosure norms could hit them very hard. They may be served legal notices. Their credibility would be at stake and if the word spreads they might find it tough when they go to the fund markets next time. Fair enough.
But a reporter can't easily sell his story without mentioning the crucial numbers. The value of a story is directly proportionate to the numbers it quotes.
Some start-ups don't want the value of their ventures to be mentioned. Even if they were to be mentioned, they don't expect the reporters not to attribute the numbers to them.
When reporters find an indirect route to hint at the value, those start-ups get offended. For, they don't want to be seen as a small-time start-up. Their sale must be regarded as a big ticket one. A tough call for reporters.

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