September 11, 2015

Creative marketing

This, perhaps, is a common scene in several Indian cities -- guerrilla marketing by the women, kids, youth from the poor families. I don't know why, (or is it a Hyderabad-specific phenomenon?) mostly these uneducated marketing professionals are mostly from the Lambada community.
They efficiently use the short span of time to sell the idea. Or, in the start-up lingo, quickly pitch their product idea. As vehicles wait for their turn to get the green, she moves on from one car to another, showcasing the product.
Looks like they are the first point of access to most of the Chinese products -- toys, Chota Bheem balloons, 'designer' umbrellas, mosquito bats, car cleaners, and what not. The products are novel, contemporary and the utility value too.
This morning, I have seen this woman, a familiar face at the impromptu, walking mall at the Jubilee Hills' Check Post -- selling selfie sticks.
With selfie mania gripping the city (as elsewhere), this woman chose to sell a product that goes very well with the mania.
She demonstrates the product, clamping her phone to the stick and holding a small stock of the product. ...And, China knows how to penetrate a market with a product.

జిస్ దేశ్ మే గంగా బెహతీ హై ....

పాకిస్తాన్ రేడియోలో భారత దేశభక్తి గీతం నేను చూసిన మొట్టమొదటి రాజ్ కపూర్ సినిమాలో పాట. ఏ దేశంలో అయితే నాలుకలపై నిజంమాత్రమే వున్నదో, ఏ...