April 23, 2016

Blues for the Bard, Remembering Shakespeare

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Blues for the Bard: On his 400th death anniversary, a celebration of Shakespeare’s enduring charm

On his 400th death anniversary, a celebration of Shakespeare’s enduring charm
No fear Shakespeare
Presenting an antidote to the ‘Shakesfear’ gripping campuses everywhere — a concoction that uses everything from manga to masala Bollywood
The play’s the thing
The Prince of Elsinore remains an inspiration for a scholar who single-handedly ran a magazine devoted to the Shakespearean play for 25 years
The story of the Shakespeare Wallah in pictures
The classical brilliance of a Laurence Olivier or a John Gielgud is handy if you’re making a Shakespeare film. But as several directors have proved, a rose in another language, era or cultural setup, smells just as sweet
Reconstructed in 1997 by Chicago-born Sam Wanamaker, the Globe Theatre continues to be about all things Shakespeare. Here’s a collection from some of its recent performances
Shorn of awe for the Bard’s literary status in the English language, Vishal Bhardwaj appropriates him to create a contemporary realm of experience
A chance visit to the Bellary jail led Hulugappa Kattimani to pass on his theatre acumen to prisoners, some of whom have been profoundly affected by the onstage experience
With his inimitable flair, Shakespeare tells us not just what his characters ate, but also how it was made
How a resolve to read every Shakespearean play ended on an anticlimactic note
An open letter to Shakespeare from his tragic characters

(This article was published on April 22, 2016)

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