April 18, 2016

Water, water no where, don't waste it on the pitches

My cartoon on the IPL-water consumption row.
Cricket used to be a winter game. Not long ago, they would hold the games in the winter after the monsoon is gone. I vividly remember the cricketers wearing those nice half-sleeve sweaters. Over a period of time the game has become a golden goose. They play the game 365 days a year, killing the traditional timetable.
When they do this, they will have to gulp huge chunks of water to wet the pitch and ground to keep it in tact in the hot summer. That the BCCI, the richest cricket association in the world, can afford to buy water is a different issue.
A section of the society is enraged as the game began to devour water, the scarce commodity. Not far from the cricket grounds, people are dying to fetch drinking water.
The sharp differences in the country between the haves and havenots have come to the fore, yet again.
They must stop this water guzzler game in the summers and must quench the thirst of people in the drought-hit villages. Cricket can wait.

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