June 22, 2017

Unwritten traffic rules

Strictly follow traffic rules but keep these things in mind while driving in Hyderabad

1) One-way roads are not one-way always. Be warned -- don't take one-ways for granted. Look at the other side too. Or, get hit.

2) One-way rules not applicable to some, including cops, VIPs and people's representatives.

3) Fast-lanes on main roads are strictly meant for slow-moving vehicles. They follow the lane discipline. They don't move even if the whole traffic is held up behind.

4) Don't be surprised if people overtake from the left side. Some do it for fun, others because the fast-moving lanes are occupied.

5) Don't get irritated by honking. Honking is the hallmark of Hyderabad roads.

6) Factor in the vehicles stopped on the other side, while taking a U-turn. Don't ask them to move ahead. They might feel offended.

7) Provide for an additional one-hour to reach your destination to give VIPs a faster passage.
8) If you are a pedestrian, don't forget to take a minimum health insurance cover for Rs 10 lakhs.
9) Remember Roads are meant for vehicles not for walking.
10) Don't curse yourself if you've forgotten to capture a great moment on the road. The traffic department must have captured all of your road life. They have over 10,000 cameras and cameramen to take care of this.

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