March 07, 2011

a new member in the family!

kids will never run out of ideas to create, recreate life! their presence is electrifying. this afternoon, i came back home for a short while. it was a calm afternoon. after a long drive, covering a very long event, i wanted to take a nap before going to office to file the report.
a dull, calm afternoon suddenly turned into a lively one with a lot of bustle around. my son, Aman, who's just back from school, received a surprise gift from his friend next door -- a chick! he has been longing for one. my daughter, Ala, too was jumping with joy. soon, the word spread and all the kids in the apartments joined the revelry. my son named it 'Jumpy'  as it was constantly jumping around. Ala wondered whether she would call it 'Kampy' and asked her mother to get some food to feed the chick.
one kid yelled, another laughed. there was uproar. all my tiredness was gone! i took out my Nikon and shot some quick pictures.
now, after coming back from work i found the kids sleeping. seems they were so tired, playing with the new family member. the chick soon found a friend in Aman and follows him where ever he goes. the tiny  chick, which was sleeping when i entered home, suddenly woke up and made all sorts of noise, perhaps to announce her presence. for half-an-hour it was continuously yelling.
i googled for some info on how to rear chicks. some one suggested we should talk to them. i held it in my hands, talked to him and gave it some water and a few grains of rice. seems, it's contended. it jumped into its cosy box, tucked its head into a corner and sleeping!

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