March 06, 2011

subtle messages

Yesterday, we set up a make-shift home for our kids in the bedroom by hanging a blanket on the wall and tucking the other end under the mattress. They invited their friends and spent the whole day there. My two-year-old daughter liked the idea very much. She took a couple of pillows to sleep all her 'kids' -- the jessi, missie, barbie, doraemon and small-gown papa. This morning, she literally forced me to visit her home. I had to crawl to get into her home. She was all smiles. She, then, introduced her 'kids' to me and forced me to hold two of them. She said they were crying for something. My duty was to console them.
Kids are masters of conveying messages. They expect us to cajole them and not to shout at them when they want something. Only, we don't have time to understand subtle messages.

మాటలో ఏముంది? ఉన్నదంతా విరుపులోనే!

పదాలలో పరుషపదాలు వేరు కావు. అవి ఎప్పుడు, ఎలా, ఎందుకు వాడతామో పరుషమా కాదా అన్నది తేలుతుంది.  కాలేజీరోజుల్లో, మా సుబ్బారావుని ఓసారి, "...